Thursday, September 11, 2014

It All Ads Up

       Hey there everyone, I wanted to quickly post about something that is becoming more and more prominent on the internet and will undoubtedly lead time my departure from certain media interactions.  With family and friends posting videos of their children, vacations, artistic expression, and quirky animals making strange faces, it seems like the magic of shared video has no where to go but up in terms of popularity and social aspect incorporation.  Cell phone technology explosively advances in both hardware and programming capabilities every 6-9 months, effectively giving anyone with a phone the ability to shoot professional, coherent, and clean video all day, every day.  This is an incredibly useful development for the aforementioned sharing of pets and family outings, etc; but what I’m not overly excited about is the frequency with which these videos are now being preliminarily screened with advertisements.  It is an unsettling fact that over 11,000 video advertisements are viewed by the public…every second.  That’s 29 BILLION a month.  If, in 2012, YouTube had 4 billion views a day (120B a month), which it did, and we are seeing only 29 billion ads a month from the entire internet, imagine how many ads we are going to be seeing when Facebook (1B video views a day today), and YouTube, and every other big name site out there with video streaming services begin utilizing advertisement marketing to ALL videos.  Get excited about all of that wonderful “Retina Screen” technology, the HD computer monitors, and the 4K OLED LCD “something-something bullshit” imaging processors right now, because in the next few years, all you’ll be looking at are 60 second ads followed by the 9 second clip from your sister of your nephew taking his first shit. 

If they show a video ad on this website before, during, or after this blog opens, I'm going to set my computer on fire.  Swear to God.