Monday, June 27, 2011

LA Trip

So, I was in LA this weekend for a break from reality. Kylie and Morgan were gratious enough to let me hang out at their place. Morgan had to work the whole time but we got to see a little bit of him. Obviously, Friday we had to go out on the town and get a couple drinks in us. We hit what I think was Hermosa Beach for a drink and stumbled upon a place called the Poop Deck. No kidding. It was this little dive bar that we spent about thirty seconds in until realizing it was essentially a Carson City, NV bar. Upon realizing that we were at risk of contracting something, we left and went to a few more "established" bars. Good times were had.

So, Saturday rolled around and we were able to fight off the massive attack of our hangovers. Kylie and I watched and episode of Criminal Minds, which, in all honesty, never gets old. I think it might be the insane amounts of graphic content mixed with the absolutely absurd rationalized epiphanies that the characters are able to come up with that just gets me. Or it may be the absolutely fantastic body of AJ Cook. Either way, we watched an episode. Noon rolls around and we decide to go to Venice Beach to wander amongst the lost, broken, extraverted, souls that inhabit the area. Needless to say, not all the souls we encountered were lost or broken, but holy shit if they didn't make me uncomfortable. Such as a man in a speedo, pretending to be Conan the Barbarian while supporting the efforts of New Balance.

Along with the woman in some kind of leopard/cheetah print working out at Muscle Beach who happened to bend over right in front of me when I pulled out my camera.

Long story short, there are some crazy ass people in Souther California.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little man is getting big

So Dave, Liam, Siobhan, and I went to the park this weekend for some kind of Pioneer Days type of thing (fairly forgettable event really). But what wasn't forgettable was little man crawling around on the grass for twenty minutes looking adorable. I couldn't resist.